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How can Student Excel impact your School ?

Student Excel brings Enterprise level Business Process Management and Automation to Schools. It is proven that BPM enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach.
These processes can impact the cost and revenue generation of your School.

With StudentExcel

you can

Increase Productivity

With new edge technology application, your staff can access school data 24x7x365 days via Desktop, Tablets and Mobile and complete the tasks. With the power of internet every one can stay connected no matter where they are.

Save Time

Student Excel will help you stop playing phone tags and shuffling paper work. Capturing and Storing all information digitally, every one can search, retrieve and update school datas at click of a button. Now more work in less time.

Stay Profitable

Payroll is often the key expense of an organization. Studentexcel helps in tracking attendance and productivity of each employee hence making sure you can track staff utilization and stay in the green.

Tools for success at your fingertips.

Running a school that thrives on connecting your teachers with parents on a daily basis, requires a flawless messaging system. Having your teachers play phone tag with parents is both an inefficient investment of their time and a process that is ripe for error.

iOS & Android Ready

Your mobile device is an extension of your school.
Download our apps for iOS and Android, and stay connected to your school, everywhere.

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It's time to Increase Productivity, Save Time and Stay Profitable.


School Process Management

Student Excel focuses on improving performance by managing and optimizing the school process. Be a leave of absence or a purchase request, Student Excel is built on a work flow that enables schools to be more efficient, effective & capable of change than a traditional management approach. This process directly impacts the cost and revenue generation of the school.

School Process Automation

Student Excel uses process automation strategies in order to contain cost. Our system integrates different applications like SMS, voice calls, payment processors to automate fee collections. Student Excel can create tailor made automation for any type of process necessary for the school management to function more efficiently and contain cost at every level.

Process Driven Messaging

Student Excel developed a messaging service that is process oriented. Integrated applications like SMS and Voice Calls services are triggered based on automated workflow process. A typical use of this messaging service can be during Books and Uniform distribution. Automated SMS notifications are sent to parents as soon available stocks are recorded in to the system.


Multiple Branch Management

Now, managing 100+ branches from Head Office is hassle free! Manage & Monitor Expenses/Attendance/Tasks/Admissions across all branches, with an eagle eye view thus keeping tabs on every thing & every one.

Access Control System

Student Excel regulates who can view or use resources with in a school branch. Limited access based on role level (Director, Principal and Accountant) can be created in the application modules to secure sensitive information.

One Time Setup

Setup school academic information once and the system takes care for rest of the years. As the year progress, student specific information like Standard/Class/Subjects are updated to the next academic year level.

Organized Student Data

In Student Excel all student information like Personal Info, Parent Info, Emergency Contact, Attendance Record, Behaviour, Performance, Time Table, Exam Results, Fee Details, Transportation and Hostel details are available
at one place.

Custom Grades Management

Student Excel supports custom grade creation that enables management to create different levels of exam grades as necessary. Report Cards are generated automatically based on grades associated, once subject marks
are entered.

Ease of Communication

You can take Parent-Teacher communication to the next level by using web and mobile applications. Student related data and every updates like home work, activities and any instance of their ward can be shared to parents at a touch of a button on a
daily basis.

Dedicated Task Management

You can turn discussions into action the minute a decision's made. Instantly create tasks, assign them, set due dates, and drive to completion. No need to schedule a meeting just to follow up on action items from a previous

Scheduled Automated Reports

Student Excel facilitate monthly report generation. Create a necessary reports once and automate the same reports by scheduling it at any frequency (daily/weekly/monthly). Generated reports can also be sent as a e-mail, thus saving many
man hours.

Online Fee Payments

For all those busy parents who never find time to make payments at the school branch. Now parents can make payments even at midnight at the comfort of their home or office or even while travelling, using the mobile app in less than
3 minutes.

Process Admissions Online

Application for enrollment is not a strenuous process anymore . We made sure student information provided at the time of application is carried during admission process and converted to a student information for final enrollment. Avoid chasing parents to gather necessary student information.

Intelligent Accounting System

Student Excel accounting module enables School to create different fee types (like tution, uniform, books, one time fee etc..) and those fee can be assigned to any specific Standard or Individual student. Income and Expense module will enable School administration to keep track of expenses that incur on daily basis.

Build Resume Bank

Applicant to employee, post your job vacancy in the admin portal to receive resumes online and build a resume bank to ease your recruitement process every time. Don't spend valuable time again to post a vaccancy in job portals that costs a few thousands, just search existing profiles in your resume bank for repeated hire.


Transport Management

Allows you to add vehicle and driver details, create routes and stops. Allot students to routes and manage school transport fees automatically. Student Excel location tracking service updates each bus location during journey to respective parents using google maps, thus making sure parents know where their kids are in regular intervals until reaching home.

Library Management

Helps you to search and list all books and manage the lending, returning and renewal of books. Student Excel can locate the exact position in the shelf, of the book without visiting even the library. Also system automates push/email/sms reminder on lended due dates. A library framework is developed and it can be scaled to any extent as per the school requirement.

Hostel Management

Allows you to List and manage room details. Students can be assigned hostel room and bed. Helps you to manage mess, and assign food preference of a student. Also manage Hostel fee payments and collect payment online. Students can request for hostel room change and food preference from student panel and the status of the request can be tracked.


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